• Just installed DarkModeBuddy made by @_inside

    I’m still waiting for it to turn my screen to dark mode 😅, I’m on the default settings.

  • I just watched Wonder Woman 1984 and I really enjoyed it. I was aware of the negative reviews before I watched it and I couldn’t see what these reviews saw bad aside from the body-swap thing. For me, this movie is better than Iron Man 2 or 3, both of which bored me to death. 🎥

  • Hearthstone’s changes for this year is also exciting, they got my attention. I might come back to play. 🎮

  • Diablo II: Resurrected on the Nintendo Switch is the best news to start the day! 🎮

  • Finished the 3rd challenge for Day 94! I really wanted a color transition from blues to greens but larger jumps were uglier. 😅 #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Ok, so I couldn’t let the first challenge go. I just realized that .layoutPriority was causing the problems with the mission image shrinking. Day 94 #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Skipped the first challenge and finished the second one. Calculations are challenging! 😅 Day 94 #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • I’m not sure if I’m fighting a GeometryReader bug for Day 94’s challenge but I think I just need to rework some more of the project code. I’ll try again tomorrow. #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finished with Day 93. Took a peek at the next day’s challenge and GeometryReader is going to be my best friend for the next few days 😅 #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finally got around to finish Day 92 tonight. I’m still absorbing how .alignmentGuide works. #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Am I the only one that believes Apple wasted a lot of time and money on this?

    Prepear Revises Logo

  • The nerve of this @TomBrady winning a Super Bowl when Peyton Manning got into the HoF. 😆


  • Finally finished Day 91’s challenge. The second challenge really stumped me and had to search for a hint! Definitely learning the purpose of @ObservedObject in this case. #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finished with Day 90 and enjoyed the accessibility parts! I took a peek at tomorrow’s challenge and I think I might need at least a couple of days to finish them 😅

    Also, 10 days to go before this challenge ends! I’m going to miss it but I do have a weird app idea in mind to fill the “void”.


  • FlashZilla is starting to come together! Day 89 of #100DaysOfSwiftUI done! onReceive() is such a cool API.

  • Cool interactions for Day 88! I’m going to read again that last part about DragGesture and the calculations. I need to wrap my head how to analyze those calculations.


  • Finished Day 88 today and finally got around to using Timer! I’ve been waiting for that 😅 #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Started with project 17 today and learning about haptics, hit testing, and gestures. Day 86 #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finished today’s challenge! I didn’t need to look up how to do sorting! Day 85 of #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Mac Mondays: MacBook Pro Rumors

    I’ve been sharing previously my plans about replacing my 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro on this blog: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

    But the latest Mac rumors from Bloomberg have completely changed my plans and I am happy about it. I’m going to keep it simple for myself: I’m buying an Apple Silicon Macbook Pro.

    I still love the MacBook Pro. I’ve owned one a 2009 13-inch unibody model, the 2012 15-inch Retina screen model, and this 2017 one, which is the worst. A keyboard that fails, Touch Bar that causes problems, worst battery life experience. These are the three reasons that made me consider buying an iMac or a Mac Mini or even the M1 MacBook Air. But I felt like it was a compromise. I’d like to own an iMac or a Mac Mini at some part of my life, maybe when I’ve got money to burn, but I’m just more of MacBook Pro kind of guy.

    Everyone is excited that Apple might be abandoning the current MacBook Pro design and go back the one that is popular amongst its customers.

    (Sharing the info from MacRumors because Bloomberg has damn paywall) > The upcoming MacBook Pro models will feature the most significant design overhaul to the MacBook Pro line that we’ve seen since 2016, and the updated machines will also address complaints that users have had with the MacBook Pro for years by bringing back older features that include MagSafe, more ports, and physical function keys. >… > Along with a flat-edged design, the revamped MacBook Pro models could have more ports than prior models, including an SD card slot, and Apple is expected to return to MagSafe connectors rather than opting for charging over USB-C. The new MacBook Pro models will also do away with the Touch Bar that Apple first debuted in 2016, with Apple instead opting for physical function keys.

    I’m not excited about design overhauls but this isn’t really an overhaul. Apple is going back to the pre-2016 designs. I’m definitely excited MagSafe will be back. Physical function keys means no more Touch Bar? Yes, please! I thought I was happy with just all USB-C ports but I got tired of bringing cables and dongles. I’d be happy if it would have 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, and surpisingly, an SD card slot. A friend explained to me that we can use SD card slots as portable storage drives for documents/photos/videos, I was pissed I never thought of that. However, I’d be fine if Apple still kept USB-C only.

    (From Bloomberg) > Apple has also developed underlying Mac support for both cellular connectivity — the ability for Macs to connect to the internet via smartphone networks — and Face ID, the company’s facial recognition system. But neither feature appears to be coming soon. To that end, Face ID had originally been planned to arrive in this year’s iMac redesign, but it’s now unlikely to be included in the first iteration of the new design.

    And that is the best thing about my situation, I can wait!

    I can wait for the 13-inch/14-inch Apple Silicon MacBoook Pro with the great battery life, great perfromance, MagSafe, a variety of ports, no Touch Bar, cellular connectivity, and Face ID to come out in 2022.

    I know these are still rumors. But in all my years of following Apple, these rumors are never far off. If not all them come true, I’d still be content.

    And it does help that this 2017 MacBook Pro that I’m writing this post on started to run normally the past few weeks. I think this one just wants to help me do what I need it to do, and get me to that point where it can retire.

  • Day 84 is done! Notifications, Result type, context menus, Core Image, Tab views, Environment object. It’s amazing how @twostraws can put all these features together for a project! #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • All these 2021 Mac rumors have completely disrupted my plans of getting the M1 Macbook Air. I’m planning to share my thoughts next Monday.

    And it does help that my Macbook Pro has been problem-free for the past few weeks!

  • Finished Day 83 of #100DaysOfSwiftUI, didn’t expect to learn how to make QR codes tonight but a welcome surprise.

  • Stripped screws have become my new arch-enemy.

  • Finished part 1 of project 16 tonight! I’ve tried using EnvironmentObject before and I thought I knew how to use it. But going through Paul’s lesson made me realize I had the wrong idea on how it works!

    Day 82 #100DaysOfSwiftUI

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