Brooklyn Bridge, NY 1907: 426,000 people moved per day. 1989: 178,000 people moved per day.

For the bridge to carry as many people as it did at its peak, each of those cars would need to carry more than three people, but they do not.

Here in Manila, private cars are so cheap that it is normal for families to own 2 cars - 1 SUV and 1 Sedan. It is also normal that a car during rush hour to only contain a single person.

A lot of Filipinos say that public transport vehicles like buses or jeeps cause the traffic in EDSA, Manila’s major artery. But I’ll bet if we remove all private vehicles going through EDSA and replace them with just buses then traffic would be manageable, if not minimal. And we would be transporting the same amount of Filipinos faster.

The Efficient Past and Wasteful Present of the Brooklyn Bridge