Almost a week after the iPhone XS was announced, I could summarize the reactions to basically two things: It was a boring event, and the iPhone XS is a mediocre upgrade. (Ok, a third one - the awful naming)

I admit that the iPhone XS is not much different than the iPhone X on paper, but the A12 Bionic for me is a huge upgrade that it’s worthy of the “S” title. And the event introduced 3 new devices with totally new designs.

I mean, what was everyone expecting?

We should all just accept that for the next 2-3 years, we will be getting these kinds of events. We will probably never have another 2007 Macworld experience again.

Until Apple creates the device that is both a Mac and an iPhone. It works very similar to the Nintendo Switch - you can dock it at home connected to your new Apple Display, use a Bluetooth mouse/trackpad and a keyboard, and will all your other peripherals. Once you’re ready to go, you pull the device off the dock and it becomes an iPhone. You bring the same apps, same files with you and in your pocket. Now that won’t be boring. I already see the iPad going in this direction, we’ll just have to wait and see.