What do you do if you’re in your late 30’s and that young kid inside you that loves playing games came back after a very long time? How do you satisfy the need to re-immerse yourself again into these artificial worlds and forget about your troubles for a few moments?

I’ve been considering buying either a Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo 2DS XL for the better half of last year. But the price of these consoles are a bit expensive for a new couple building their savings. In the future, it would be a great activity for me and my kids to play games together.

Then I realized that the reason my inner gamer kid was rejuvenated is because I’ve been playing a lot of games on my iPhone last year.

There were so many premium iOS games released for 2018 - Fortnite, Civilization VI, Grim Valor, Stardew Valley, OddMar, Donut County, Alto’s Odyssey, Brawl Stars to name a few.

So instead of buying a different gadget to play games on, I’ve decided to play games exclusively on my iPhone. I started following iOS gaming sub-Reddits, subscribed to Pocket Gamer’s youtube channel, and looking at Amazon for good Mfi game controllers for my iPhone X.

Now the only thing that gives me anxiety is time to play these games. To be honest, I only have a few hours per day to play. I only get these free moments between work, chores, and other regular family activities. And this precious free time doesn’t automatically go to playing games either, sometimes it’s better to spend it watching a favorite show on Netflix with my wife. Naturally, simple pick-me-up games like Alto, Threes, Hearthstone, or Pocket Run Pool easily fit into my needs but sometimes I want to play those grand RPG games like Banner Saga or Stardew Valley where you normally spend a lot of hours on. Sometimes I think that I can only enjoy the former and just leave the latter to people with more time on their hands.

Next thing is what do I look for in playing games? Games usually involve goals and some games offer rewards for very exceptional achievements. May it be dances in Fortnite, completing your card collection in TCG games, or just collecting every character and legendary weapon in an RPG. I admit that I am a bit of a completionist but that again involves devoting many hours to the game and usually sucks the experience of just enjoying the game. Do I also stay away from chasing achievements and getting rewards?

So these are all the thoughts I have related to iOS gaming. I’ll be sharing a lot more about my experience throughout the year and hopefully I can share a lot of good stories on my iOS gaming experiences.