I switched from using Windows to a Mac in 2009. I just got tired of all the work-arounds I had to do.

  • Doing a reset to get my PC to act normal
  • Installing anti-virus software
  • Defragging
  • Re-installing Windows XP or Vista or whatever I was using every 3 months.

Getting the MacBook Pro in 2009 was freedom for me. I stopped using Windows and have been using Apple software ever since…but in 2019 I’m starting to get a feeling of déjà vu on my iPhone X.

  • I’ve done a full “Erase and Reset all settings” with iOS 12 twice since it launched.
  • I’ve been restarting my iPhone a bit frequently because something just stopped working, like reorganize Apps on the home screen.
  • I’ve been turning off nice features like Screen Time and Background App Refresh because the battery life got worse after the iOS 12 update.

I’m not one of those people who believe “Apple is doomed” but in the 10 years I’ve been using their software, the past few months I have noticed my annoyance growing.

I don’t know what Apple should do either. Maybe they are moving too fast with a yearly release of new features. Maybe they should do it every other year like the iPhone hardware iterations. New features this year, performance and stability improvements next year.

I don’t want a super cool and awesome device. I want a reliable device.