With the Game of Thrones series wrapping up in less than two weeks, I figured I’d throw my predictions in and see how much I guess right.

Warning! Possible spoilers

  • Daenerys invades King’s Landing and destroys the Lannister army and the Greyjoy fleet.. Drogon is unstoppable. The Unsullied & Dothraki become ruthless under Daenerys & Grey Worm’s leadership.
  • The Mountain kills Grey Worm.
  • The Hound and the Mountain fight to the death, the Hound wins but is mortally wounded. Arya saves his life this time.
  • Daenerys wins the Iron Throne and becomes queen. She creates her first council with Tyrion, Varys, Ser Davos, Gendry, and Jon.
  • Daenerys orders Cersei to be executed. Tyrion begs for mercy. Daenerys refuses and charges Tyrion of treason.
  • Varys conspires with Sansa to make Jon the king. Daenerys catches him and executes Varys. Jon starts to question Daenerys state of mind.
  • Jaime arrives in King’s Landing and rescues Tyrion and Cersei.
  • Arya finds the Lannisters and kills Cersei. Arya and Jaime kill each other.
  • Daenerys thinks Sansa helped Tyrion escape. She orders her army to march against the North. Jon is forced to kill Daenerys and Drogon.
  • Bronn kills Tyrion for not being able to keep his word.
  • Jon returns to the North with Tormund.
  • The Hound lives the rest of his life in the farm house where he killed the father and his child.
  • Sansa is queen of the North and the Seven Kingdoms is no more.