It really sucks to read about Apple, a company I admire for its values, be helpless against China’s authoritarianism. Even if you say they need China for their manufacturing, it’s not like the Chinese government just became enemies of democracy in a week’s time. Apple started doing business with China knowing full well what they are.

But I cannot stop supporting Apple.

Now, I know I sound like a hypocrite given that I decided to stop playing Blizzard games due to their biased decision to punish Blitzchung and their “apology” after the backlash..

As someone who played Blizzard games since Diablo came out, it is painful to see Blizzard act like this. But I can move on from them, I have a Nintendo Switch and I can find other games to play with my family and friends. How do I do that with Apple? Use Windows or Linux and get an Android phone? No I can’t. My livelihood depends on it actually, so I’m in the same boat.

So I realized, why am I so disappointed and angry at Apple and Blizzard? Are they really the bad guys? I think I should pay more attention to what the Chinese government are doing and how they are affecting the rest of us. They obviously don’t want that kind of attention.