So Apple finally fixed the keyboard problems on the MacBook Pro. Based on all the videos and reviews I’ve seen so far, it seems like upgrading to this model is a no-brainer.

So what do I do with my 2017 13-inch MBP with Touch bar and butterfly keyboard?

Sell it? I would feel really bad selling this to someone knowing they could have a terrible time with this machine. This particular machine went through a screen replacement due to black horizontal lines that appeared on the lower edge, and keyboard replacement due to the butterfly keyboard issues that we all know by now.

I think the “morally” right thing to do is just keep this machine. It would be great if Apple offered a trade-in program for MBP models that has the butterfly keyboard, but they’d never do that.

So if I’m forced to keep this machine, I might as well wait for ARM Macs that has all-day battery life and cellular connectivity.