I’ve been getting anxious with my Macbook Pro over the past few weeks due to some very disheartening experiences.

First, my space bar has been double-spacing more than usual. I’ve had letter keys get stuck or break entirely on me but I’ve never been annoyed so much as compared to a malfunctioning space bar. At work, I have to always edit out the extra spaces on emails and messaging apps and in turn consumes a few extra seconds of your work day.

Second, I noticed that the battery life has gone down to 89% of the orginal capacity and runs about 4-5 hours on my normal work usage. I do understand this is normal, but my older 2012 15-inch Macbook Pro took 5 years to degrade to the same capacity compared to only 2 years for this 13-inch. Is it because of the smaller battery? I don’t know but it is so annoying that you know that this fairly new machine is getting older faster than you expect.

Lastly, the Touch Bar crashed the Macbook Pro. Crashed my Mac. It is very frustrating to type those three words because ever since owning a Macbook Pro since 2009 I have never experienced a crash. I was just trying to lower the volume and then I saw a screen I have never seen before that basically says “your Mac restarted because it crashed”. Though this one I might blame on Catalina, having experienced all these three things gave me so much grief that I started to question if the Macbook Pro is still worth my money.

The answer is probably Yes or Maybe. But my heart right now says No.

Then I listened to the 357th episode of the ATP where I heard Marco saying that his 2017 iMac Pro was a very reliable machine. I then realized that using an iMac would help me avoid all these problems I just had.

Bad keyboard? You can buy a good third-party keyboard. Horrible battery life? Don’t need to care for one on an iMac. Touch Bar crashing? Not on an iMac.

Of course I’d be sacrificing mobility, but I always use my Macbook Pro at home anyway and I can’t bring my own device at work. So I don’t have a valid reason (yet) why I would need to use a laptop. I opened the Apple Store app and chose this configuration if ever I would buy an iMac at this very instant:

  • 27-inch iMac (bigger screen is better)
  • 3.7GHz 6-core 9th-generation Intel Core i5 processor (getting the latest CPUs but the cheapest option)
  • 64GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory (so that I don’t need to worry about upgrades)
  • Radeon Pro 580X with 8GB of GDDR5 memory (default is fine for me)
  • 1TB SSD storage (coming from the MBP I can’t go back to spinning disks)
  • Magic Keyboard + Magic Track Pad (my wife likes the Track Pad but I prefer using a mouse)

The total amount of this configuration is about $240 more than a 16-inch Macbook Pro with almost the same specs. That is not a big difference for me and the fact that I can share this with my wife just makes it more practical. It’s starting to look like the iMac is a smart choice for my needs. Now the twist is I don’t want to buy one yet since I still have 7-months of Apple Care on this Macbook Pro and I’d like to wait until we move in to our new house around late 2022/early 2023. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the iMac for the next few years while slowly saving up for that moment where you know you’re buying the best iMac you can buy at the time.