How does one keep writing on a blog about “trivial” things like Macs and iPhones with everything that is going on in the world due to COVID-19? My answer would be is because I must. I love sharing my thoughts and this blog is a means for me to do that. I am aware of how grave things are in many countries around the world, including my own. I see these times as each individual has to fight their own fight, and I see mine as continuing to provide for my family, to be well-informed, to follow advice of medical experts, and more importantly to be able to help my communities locally and online. Honestly, I am scared but I don’t want it to overwhelm me. So in my free time I still do the same things I was doing when things were normal. Because if I stop doing these things just because I’m scared or because I need to focus my attention on the news, then I feel I have succumbed to the “enemy”. If we can keep doing the things we love to do in these tough times, then I believe we will be on the winning side.