So the new iPad Pro came out 2 weeks ago and my wife and I were pretty excited about the new feature for using mice & trackpads. Our jobs involve writing a lot of technical documents and collaborating with developers, so we use Teams, Excel, Powerpoint a lot. I don’t like lugging around a 15-inch Dell laptop just to join a meeting and send an email. The iPad Pro paired with a keyboard and a mouse seems like a nicer experience. So I checked what were the things I need for work:

  • Able to access Office apps and company files (using our company’s profile installed on the iPad and Microsoft Intune Portal) ☑️
  • Run my company’s virtual desktop (Citrix workspace) ☑️
  • Screen sharing in while on a Teams meeting ☑️
  • Use Teams and WhatsApp for chat groups ☑️
  • Connect a monitor, mouse, and a keyboard ☑️
  • Bring my iPad to the office ❌

…and then I remember my company doesn’t allow personal devices inside the office. Bummer.