Lots of great announcements and new features from today’s #WWDC keynote and PSotU! I would have been clapping during my favorite parts if it weren’t for my wife and daughter sleeping right beside me 😄.

macOS 11 Big Sur (of course we should start with the Mac)

  • ARM…err sorry, Apple Silicon Macs! I’m hoping the rumors are true that an iMac is one of the first offerings but I believe they will start with a Macbook Pro. I’m still planning to get an iMac to replace my Macbook as my main computer and I’m happy to wait until that is available next year.
  • The new design seems to be a precursor if an impending merge of iPadOS and macOS. I feel like the pieces are slowly falling into place.

iOS 14

  • Widgets! Can’t wait to see what widgets I get out of Things 3, Deliveries, Apollo for Reddit, CocoaHub, NetNewsWire, and Overcast. My home screen will probably end up full of widgets and the only apps would Safari + messaging apps on the dock 😅.
  • App Library is something I’ve wanted but never realized until today. I’ve never been a fan of App folders, I actually use 3 pages to “categorize” my apps: Most used, Apple stock apps, and other apps I need for some niche situations. Having all those tucked away in a library and having my home screen just be my main widgets and apps is a great minimalistic experience for me. Siri Suggestions have been working OK for me in this case but only because my iPhone habits are very consistent.
  • Really happy about the pinned contacts in Messages. I don’t get to use a lot of iMessage here in my country but I do get a lot of spam and unknown numbers. Having my loved one’s contact pinned at the top makes it a little bit easier to send them a message.
  • I asked for setting default apps but I was asking for Reminders/Calendar apps. Hopefully that will come next year.
  • App Clips are a great idea…if you live in a first world country. We still don’t have Apple Pay and detailed Apple Maps. The mobile user base is about 60-70% Android. I’ll be a lot more excited about this when I migrate to another country 😆.

watchOS 7

  • Yey a sleep tracking app! Check that off my wishlist!

iPadOS 14

  • Sidebars and Menus? Again, convergence with macOS. It’s coming.
  • Sadly, still no Xcode for iPad. But with macOS Big Sur able to run iOS/iPadOS apps straight from the App Store, is it possible to do the reverse for macOS apps? There might be a workaround there.