I’ve been playing Witcher 3 in Blood and Bones difficulty over the better part of the last 2 months. But while it is challenging, fun, and has great storytelling it became a bit repetitive cycle of doing quests, contracts, seeking out the next level of Witcher gear. It started to feel like a burden to finish and that’s not the right way to play games.

So I decided to try playing Breath of the Wild in Master mode. I’ve spent already about 30+ hours playing this past week and it just feels refreshing. I’m enjoying it like it was a game that I haven’t played before. The higher level of difficulty and additional objectives is making me change my decisions and plans in progressing through the game. I wasn’t expecting this kind of experience!

I’m still planning to finish Witcher soon, maybe even on a lower difficulty just to find out what happens with the story but I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending the better part of my gaming time to Breath of the Wild for the next few months.