The first batch of Apple Silicon Macs are here! and that means my quest to find my next Mac begins.

I previously wrote that I am considering the iMac to replace my MacBook Pro as my main computer but the new M1 Mac Mini and MacBook Air have made me reconsider, and here’s why:

##Mac Mini + Good performance? ☑️ + No battery health to worry about? ☑️ + Works with my current monitor, mechanical keyboard, and mouse? ☑️ + Cheaper? ☑️☑️☑️

To be honest, if this was available here on the same day it launched in the US then I would have purchased it at once. But my biggest issue to resolve before owning an iMac or a Mac Mini is not related to the actual computers - it’s space! I don’t know where I can put a workstation in my home! 😅. This dilemma is making me think if I should seriously look at the two laptop options. I mean, I appreciate that I can write this article on the bed, in the dark, while my wife and daughter are sleeping next to me.

##MacBook Pro + Touch bar still there? Moving on then…

##MacBook Air + I’ve always been curious about the Air’s lightweight nature. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only MacBook Pro owner that wishes the Pros have the Air form factor. 😆 + Outstanding performance benchmarks taken last week and you can get similar performance as a current MacBook Pro (in theory, I know. I’m aware that MacBook Pro can sustain performance longer). ☑️ + No Touch bar! ☑️ + Also still cheaper! ☑️

This is a very enticing option if I want to remain on a mobile setup and I sincerely believe the M1 Air can now be seriously considered as a developer machine. But frankly, there’s no real need for me to have a laptop. My Mac is a personal device that I will only use whenever I am home. I also expect the current pandemic situation to last well into next year, and owning a brand new laptop seems so unnecessary and impractical.

Anyway, do I seem to be rambling? Well, I’ve been pondering Air vs Mini arguments the whole week since the announcement. It’s a good thing these are not yet available here because impulsive buying + buyer’s remorse are some of my worst habits. If anyone reading this would like to offer their suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. 😀