This tweet by Jonathan Morrison about how good the iMac’s display panel has absolutely convinced me to hold off on buying the M1 Mac Mini. I’ve been browsing 4k and 5k monitors last weekend and I didn’t feel comfortable spending a lot of money for them.

Now, the iMac is a beautiful machine. I always check them out whenever I’m in one of our authorized seller’s stores. The look of the iMac is so recognizable, so iconic, and so pleasing to look at that I can set it up with an aesthetically nice desk and chair at home and it would look like part of the decor. I can’t imagine doing that with a 4k/5k monitor. Any monitors that could rival the iMac’s beauty would probably cost more than the iMac and that doesn’t make sense for me.

The M1 iMac (or M1X/M1Z/M2/whatever) is probably 8-10 months away from being announced. I believe we will see the new iMac, higher-end MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro at next year’s WWDC.

The new iMac will have better SoC, have a better cooling system, cheaper cost than Intel Macs, better I/O, higher RAM and SSD storage options, and hopefully Super Retina XDR displays. It’s going to be worth the wait.