Nintendo Switch

  • Finished Link’s Awakening and absolutely enjoyed the change of pace, lighter tone compared to Breath of the Wild. I wish they would make more remakes of Zelda games.
  • Currently playing Hades & Hollow Knight. Hades is kicking my casual gamer butt, Hollow Knight is charming in a creepy, crawly way.
  • I have a Breath of the Wild Master Mode save file ready anytime to scratch the Zelda itch.
  • I was playing Witcher 3 earlier in the year, took a break on it due to “quest fatigue”. Now starting to miss it, once I finish Hollow Knight, this might be my next game.
  • Planning to also play Age of Calamity, Celeste, and Super Mario Odyssey for 2021.


  • Good Sudoku is my new go-to game. Zach Gage always has a spot on my iPhone.
  • Still have Alto’s Odyssey as a backup go-to game. Eventually I will finish this😅
  • Finally deleted the Hearthstone app finally. I’ve been on the fence on quitting, especially after the incident with the HK grandmaster getting “silenced” last year but I just don’t enjoy the game and the community anymore.
  • Tried Legends of Runeterra and I am intrigued by it. However, I can’t play it on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I might need to play on my iPad.
  • Planning to play Diablo Immortal next year (if it releases) due to the promising reviews of the Alpha.