• Day 100! Huge thank you to Paul Hudson @twostraws for creating this great learning experience! #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finally completed Day 99! Took me 3 weeks working a few minutes each day, adding 1-2 lines of code. Got triggered many times by “the compiler is unable to type-check this expression in reasonable time”! #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finished Day 98! Learned about using Group for controlling UI in different size classes, optional Alerts, and got to practice a lot of UI techniques. Looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge! (Could it be the last challenge? 😒) #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finished Day 97. Learned about the NavigationView behaviors for different devices and ListFormatter today. #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Skipped the first challenge and finished the second one. Calculations are challenging! πŸ˜… Day 94 #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Cool interactions for Day 88! I’m going to read again that last part about DragGesture and the calculations. I need to wrap my head how to analyze those calculations. #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finished today’s challenge! I didn’t need to look up how to do sorting! Day 85 of #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finished part 1 of project 16 tonight! I’ve tried using EnvironmentObject before and I thought I knew how to use it. But going through Paul’s lesson made me realize I had the wrong idea on how it works!

    Day 82 #100DaysOfSwiftUI

  • Finally able to finish Day 78 of #100DaysOfSwiftUI! Not the best design-wise but at least I’m discovering my weak points. Going to look up some design lessons this weekend.😊

  • I just bought my first ortholinear keyboard. I’m typing very slowly since I’m re-learning/fighting my muscle memory.

    Next steps: get a really good usb-c to micro-usb cable and maybe a uniform profile keycap set.

  • Done with Day 77 of the #100DaysOfSwiftUI! I enjoyed this milestone project a lot as I tried to make the app a bit more personal and add a few things not part of the requirements. I ran it on my iPhone and found a lot of areas to improve like dark mode, layout, text sizing, etc…

  • I’ve set my iPhone to use Automatic settings for Appearance. I think there’s no difference with the battery life in using Light vs Dark Mode. To be honest, constantly looking at a Dark interface has a depressing effect on me.

    This is on an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • I am pleasantly surprised that the Blood Oxygen app is available for my country! I suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, and having this paired with Sleep analysis from watchOS 7 would be a big aid to monitor my condition!

  • This is why I prefer a Mac. 10 minutes and counting.

  • This is a notification that I’m happy to see.

  • My Keychron K6 arrived last Friday night. Great job by Keychron on this model. I’ve replaced the Gateron Browns with Zilents 67g and awaiting some PBT keycaps to personalize it.

  • πŸ”΅πŸ“· #mbmay

  • πŸŸ’πŸ“· #mbmay

  • πŸŸ‘πŸ“·#mbmay

  • Orange πŸ“·πŸŸ  #mbmay

    Micro.blog Micro Challenge Sprints Week 2

  • Red πŸ”΄ πŸ“Έ #mbmay

    Micro.blog Micro Challenge Sprints Week 2

  • Eating Froot Loops and playing video games on a Sunday morning. What am I, 10 years old? πŸ˜…

  • The Manila cathedral Intramuros, Manila

  • San Agustin church Intramuros, Manila

  • Panoramic view of Intramuros, Manila City Hall, and Luneta from our room at the Manila hotel.

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